Transition from staff augmentation to a service based model

Company Hewlett-Packard Slovakia, s.r.o.
Sector IT

Delivering efficiencies through smart desktop management


* A stable local partner who will participate in the start-up of a global IT centre and ensure recruitment as well as the overall flow of human resources;

* Continuous cost reduction and streamlining of services after the start of cooperation.


* Change of contract from personnel leasing to a service model (the customer does not pay according to the number of employees of the centre but according to the amount of services used);

* Reduction of unit price of the provided services and quality improvement by increasing productivity, motivation, and commitment of external staff.

” While existing model was suitable for the early stage of the relationship it shortly
showed to be suboptimal to meet HP needs, as it did not stimulate the
environment of continuous productivity and quality improvements, neither it provided scalability and all that was critical for the overall success. As Soitron gained the deeper
knowledge of the HP environment, tools and processes, and become knowledgeable
of true HP needs we have decided to move out of the staff augmentation model towards service based delivery. 

Miloš Horvát
Enterprise Services Manager at HP