Voice Biometrics


Verify caller’s identity by voice

Voice biometrics is a fast, convenient, and secure way of verifying a caller’s identity. The authentication is done by comparing a pre-recorded voice sample with the caller’s voice. The caller therefore does not need to remember all their identification passwords anymore. This authentication method also greatly streamlines and accelerates the whole authentication process. With good business use, the voice biometrics technology brings companies lots of benefits, reduced operating costs, enhanced security, more efficient processes and more satisfied customers.

Why Voice Biometrics


of customers do not like a standard password authentication.


of customers will not get their required or requested information because
at that moment they are unable to authenticate themselves.


of customers prefer voice biometrics compared to other methods of authentication.

Voice biometrics is a secure way to authenticate your customers through natural voice patterns. It will vastly improve the overall customer experience and service, whilst shortening operators’ handling time dramatically.

Soitron will help improve your security, customer experience and achieve a more personalised service differentiator for your business.


Lower operating costs


of the time saved when customers are authenticated using voice biometrics

Enhanced security


of people use the same login information in all of their accounts, which greatly compromises their security.

Improved customer experience


of customers rated the new system with 9 out of 10 points because of the speed, ease of use and higher security.


  • Soitron is the first and the only company that has implemented voice biometrics in the demanding banking environment in Slovakia.
  • Soitron as the only vendor in the region offers voice biometrics not only as an on premise solution, but also as a service, making this type of authentication more accessible.
  • The quality of Soitron services is also evidenced by the fact that in 2016, Soitron with its voice biometrics was nominated by the Computing magazine for “Security Excellence Awards” in the “Identity & Access Management” category.


Finance sector

Using voice biometrics in financial institutions as one of the available authentication tools for various transactions greatly accelerates client authentication, increases security, and improves customer experience.


Applying voice biometrics for regular e-shop customers can speed up and streamline the whole purchasing process. Based on successful authentication, customers may confirm their payment card numbers or delivery addresses, making their purchases faster and easier.

Healthcare sector

Patients often do not want the results of their medical examinations or other medical interventions to be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Verifying the patient’s identity over the phone ensures that sensitive information is not released to any unauthorized persons.

Security services

Security services are now part of many businesses. Verification of security personnel’s identity appears to be a key element in assuring the quality of provided security services. Voice biometrics allow owners of security companies to verify the identity and arrival to the worksite of their staff. However, voice may also be the key to verifying the identity of authorized persons, etc.

Manufacturing sector

Voice biometrics can also simplify workflows in manufacturing companies. Use it, for instance, to reset passwords and unburden your in-house help desk, or use the voice to verify an employee’s identity anywhere where the use of other biometric data or other authentication methods is not convenient.

Leasing companies

Do you need to authenticate order booking personnel in leasing companies? Here again, you can use voice biometrics instead of two-factor authentication.

Other services

Do your clients have access to various paid services? When they contact your Helpdesk, you must laboriously identify the client, find out if they are authorized to use your services, etc. With voice biometrics you can easily authenticate the caller, verify if they have paid for the services and thus are eligible to use your support and to connect them to the person in charge.



Vocal Password

An advanced biometric speaker verification system
that verifies a speaker’s identity based on voice
sample/s acquired during an interaction with voice,
web, or mobile applications.


Free Speech

A unique text- independent biometric speaker
verification system that transparently authenticates
speakers during the course of natural conversation.

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